Modern Slavery Questionnaire

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PART 1: Understanding and mitigation of Modern Slavery practices

1. Have you read and understood Buildcorps's Modern Slavery Statement?
e.g. Certified to SA8000, member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, prequalified to the Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) 3 Star Standard, using ISO20400, are a Global Green Tag Modern Slavery Declaration participant, member with SEDEX, or similar
13. Do you agree to Buildcorp’s Code of Conduct?

PART B: These questions are specific to this project

15. Do you or your suppliers’ source any of the good listed below from the countries of concern?
Product Countries of concern Yes/No/ Don’t know
Bangladesh; Cambodia; China; Ethiopia; India; North Korea
Cambodia; North Korea; Russia
Argentina; Azerbaijan; Benin; Brazil; Burkina Faso; Cameroon; China; Egypt; India; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyz Republic; Mali; Pakistan; Tajikistan; Togo; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Zambia
Afghanistan; India; Iran; Nepal; Pakistan
India; Pakistan; Mexico
Cambodia; Myanmar; Philippines
Turkey; Vietnam