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Façade remedial

Give your building a new lease of life with a remedial façade upgrade that adds value beyond just the physical.

Whether it’s protecting your façade for safety and peace of mind, or undertaking a major upgrade to modernise and future-proof your building, we’ve got solutions to suit your needs across residential, commercial and institutionally owned assets.

Our team’s collaborative approach and experience in challenging live environment façade projects means that we are with you, throughout the process, to identify the best products, methods and program. We explore all options up-front so you can make informed choices about the solutions that are going to add the most value, without the risk of cost blow-outs and upheaval. The result is a straight forward process that not only ensures your building’s future but can also achieve lower maintenance costs and a valuation boost to your asset.

You can read more about some of our most recent project success stories below or contact us to discuss your property's needs. 

To get in touch, call Matthew Ball on 0410 640 325 or:

Upgrade and Refurbish
  • Complete façade redesign and replacements
  • Glass, composite panel, masonry or concrete
  • Engineered and architecturally designed alterations or strengthening
  • Balcony, balustrade and window additions or upgrades
Fix and Remedy
  • Repairing or troubleshooting faulty construction
  • Structural reinforcement
  • Solving water intrusion, damaged surfaces, sealant restoration
  • Curtain wall system and window and balcony repairs
  • Concrete and brickwork repairs
Protect and Maintain
  • Architectural and engineered coatings, aluminium repair
  • Fire systems upgrades, fire separation, fire testing on building materials, components and structures
  • Protection from deteriorating effects of moisture, pollutants and inferior materials
  • Waterproofing maintenance and upgrades
  • Concrete protection and carbon fibre concrete strengthening
  • Corrosion control
  • Historic preservation
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