BIM & Construction Cadetships – Frequently Asked Queries

Team Buildcorp had the pleasure of attending a recent student event at the University of Technology that showcased digital construction innovation and Building Information Modelling (BIM). At the event, we received a number of ‘frequently asked questions’ from students about BIM, technology adoption and accessing cadetships. We’ve compiled these in a Q&A below, which is a helpful start for anyone interested in construction technology or the right time to pursue a construction cadetship.

  1. What is the future for BIM for Buildcorp?
    Buildcorp first started with BIM by researching the most practical implementation strategy guided by the goal to ‘give our team what we need, not everything it can do’. The outcome was a federated process implemented across all of our major projects. More recently we started collaborating with our consultants through the BIM 360 Glue platform to better co-ordinate the iterative design cycle and speed up clash detection before we get to site.   Over the next two years we will utilise our BIM data and learnings to take this to the next level by applying multiple BIM/Virtual Construction workflows on our landmark projects. This includes the use of data capture via drones, terrestrial laser scanning, advanced structural modelling to reduce waste and using models to optimise our program and methodologies.
  2. We only hear how great BIM is but what are the current biggest issues that construction companies such as Buildcorp face?
    The industry’s biggest challenge at the moment is how to attract, develop and retain the best people. In a good market, there are lots of opportunities and talented people are in high demand. Our success depends on our ability to evolve and innovate to meet the needs of our clients with motivated, high performing teams. We therefore invest in passionate people who are not only great at what they do, but are also the right fit for our culture and values. This allows us to deliver a consistent Buildcorp experience and exceed our clients’ expectations across all of the regions we work in.  
  3. How does Buildcorp promote a culture of digital innovation within its team/staff?
    Two of Buildcorp’s key values are continual learning and creative thinking, and these form an important part of how we develop our processes and our people. The right technology is fundamental to enabling our teams to understand our processes and data analytics, so they can then innovative and improve our systems as an ongoing way of working. This continual improvement approach has enabled us to:
  1. What year in university do you think that students should look for cadetship?
    Buildcorp’s HR team recommend that the perfect time to look for a cadetship is in your second year of University. By then you have had time to understand your passion for the industry and if you land a cadetship, it can run in parallel to your studies, completing around the same time.
  2. What does Buildcorp look for in a cadet?
    The top three things we look for in a cadet are:
  • Passion– understand your purpose, what drives you and why you want to work in the industry
  • Preparation– show proactive initiative to research and understand the market and the business with the information available to you
  • Fit– know the values of our business and demonstrate how your way of working aligns with this culture.
  1. How do I apply for a Buildcorp cadetship?
    Buildcorp’s cadet program is a comprehensive three year program that provides a mix of formal training and practical experience. Each Cadet gains experience across several areas of the business to equip them with a broad construction management understanding and skill set. Read more about program and eligibility criteria.    We aim to have two cadet intakes a year and these are promoted on the Buildcorp Careers page – keep an eye out here.

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