Buildcorp’s 30 years of service

Feb 28, 2020 | News, Careers, Films, Thought Leadership


Feb 28, 2020 | News, Careers, Films, Thought Leadership

Buildcorp celebrated our 30th milestone birthday in February 2020. Our founders Tony and Josephine Sukkar started their family construction business back in 1990, with their first child on the way.  

They started with a tight knit team of five, working with a site delivery team to complete their first project, Citadel Towers, which stands in Chatswood today as a symbol of the Sukkars’ passion for serving people to transform challenge into opportunity.

Fast forward 30 years and Buildcorp now enjoys a workforce of over 350 people, a range of long-term partnerships and many valuable lessons learned. Thanks to these lessons, our people can better serve our partners in construction, community and rugby.

At our core, Buildcorp has always been a service business. Our values, culture and purpose all rely on the collaborative and supportive mindset Tony Sukkar started the business with, and then shaped with the pearls of wisdom we collected along the way. It’s only fitting then that pearl is the traditional ‘gift’ for a 30th anniversary.

With this in mind, we will be profiling some of our people this year to showcase the generations of the Buildcorp family whose careers and lives grew alongside our business.

Josephine, Tony & Jordan Sukkar in 1990, with a model of Buildcorp’s first project Citadel Towers

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