We’re building a pipeline of women in construction

At Buildcorp we want to partner with like-minded organisations and be part of their solution. Be it delivery of a construction project, a community or sports sponsorship, or a philanthropic initiative. We will bring our time, our money and our influence to ensure that we deliver a solution that we are all proud to be a part of.

Our industry has historically struggled to attract women into construction. We are continually working on developing a pipeline of people here at Buildcorp that are diverse in their gender, culture and age. We participate on all of the Diversity Committees of the Property Council of Australia in the states where we work.

Globally, like construction, Rugby Union has suffered from a lack of investment and development pathways for women. We have been working hard to change that. Buildcorp has sponsored women’s club rugby for over 10 years, and the Buildcorp Wallaroos for the last two.

Buildcorp’s Josephine Sukkar said: “Be it rugby or construction, Buildcorp has always believed that to build a successful organisation, you have to concentrate on the strength of the ‘base of the pyramid’. That is, bringing diverse people into our organisation with aligned values, who can be developed into leaders. At Buildcorp this is our cadet program, and in rugby it is via the club rugby system.

“In 2018 we are extending our support of the women’s game to connect a player pipeline from club rugby to the national level. This fills an existing gap and ensures that, like Buildcorp, Australian Rugby is structured to provide the same opportunities for women and men. That is, the opportunity for participation, development and promotion regardless of age, gender or culture.”

Investing in our own balanced teams

The diagram below from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Survey Stats 2016 – 2017 shows that across the board Buildcorp leads our industry comparison group for participation of women and we hope to continue to work alongside Australian Rugby to be the leading football code for participation of women in Australia.

We have achieved this leadership position organically, from common sense decisions that appeal to all people at different stages of their careers:

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