COVID-19 Response: Protecting our people & partners

Mar 24, 2020 | News, Health & Safety


Mar 24, 2020 | News, Health & Safety

Buildcorp is implementing a proactive approach to protecting our people and partners from exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19). We are supporting our projects and customers with technology and systems that enable continuity and staff remote working, as well as safety processes that mitigate exposure risk.

As the Government response is adapting and changing rapidly, we are continuing to observe their guidelines and respond daily by updating our own industry leading measures and procedures.

Currently our projects are operating with ‘business (with distancing) as usual’ as we work with our project partners to progress works under stringent safety measures.

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Protecting our people

  • We are continuing to follow Government advice around social distancing everywhere we work.
  • Non-essential events have been postponed.
  • Non-essential work travel is restricted.
  • Staff are self-isolating for two weeks after any overseas travel or after coming into close contact with a person who has tested positive to COVID-19.
  • A comprehensive communications plan is keeping our teams updated and assured.

Operational continuity
Our teams and offices our offices remain open and in operation, with changes to the way we work.

  • Project documentation and critical systems are stored in the Cloud, and accessible from all locations reliably.
  • To protect our business continuity and key roles, Buildcorp implemented a split-team rota schedule to alternate teams working from home and working on site/in the office on a weekly basis.
  • Our corporate offices have been reconfigured with the advice of a hygenist, to ensure they are COVIDSafe.
  • Our sites will always be staffed and safely managed using the latest health and safety advice. Every site will have a Site Manager or Supervisor present during its opening hours.

Health & Safety management on site
Buildcorp is doing the following to mitigate the risk of exposure on our sites:

  • Updating our procedures, site questionnaire and daily pre-start talks to reflect the latest Government advice.
  • Requesting our subcontractors pre-screen their staff for COVID-19 symptoms or exposure risk.
  • Mandating that a Coronavirus Questionnaire is completed by each worker at the Health & Safety Induction to screen for exposure risk. If anyone answers yes to any of the questions, they are not able to enter the site.
  • Providing materials for site inductions, Toolbox Talks and pre-start meetings to educate and update on social distancing and hygiene measures.
  • Providing hand sanitisers and additional, targeted cleaning every day to disinfect common surfaces.
  • Managing and reconfiguring site meetings and site lunchrooms using social distancing guidelines.
  • Displaying signage obtained from the World Health Organisation around sites to highlight prevention measures and hygiene actions.

Buildcorp’s values of preparedness, continual learning and teamwork mean our systems and processes are well prepared to respond and adapt.

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