Being prepared to be different leads to over $750M in project awards

Oct 22, 2015 | News, Expertise, Thought Leadership


Oct 22, 2015 | News, Expertise, Thought Leadership

Like many great rugby teams sometimes business success comes when you are willing to take a risk and be different from the pack. To run the ball when the percentage play dictates a kick to the corner.

In the peak of the GFC when more and more builders were seeking volume as a way to offset falling margins we asked ourselves “how can we be different?”. At the time we had a team at the Sydney Adventist Hospital engaged as part of the planning and design development team. What we found is that being involved at this stage gave everyone more freedom, but also greater influence in shaping the best project outcome. Most importantly what we were delivering was answering many of the frustrations we were hearing from other clients at the time.

Our role in the Sydney Adventist Hospital Master Plan redevelopment has been career defining for all involved, and in Buildcorp’s case we have used the lessons learnt to create something that is redefining our business.

We challenged ourselves to develop a way we could document and replicate its success by developing a repeatable process with clear objectives and measurable benefits.

But first, we knew that to be recognised as being different we first had to change. We couldn’t just repackage a cost plan by calling it something different.

Over the following months and years Buildcorp changed. We invested in more design managers and cost planners. Training was implemented in the areas of communication, writing, workshops and lesson learnt documented and shared.

Next, we set about documenting a definable, measurable process. Roles, responsibilities, timeframes and deliverables all became part of the Buildcorp Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Process. And finally, we identified the ideal projects and client types where how you deliver the project is equally as important to what you are delivering.

ECI has since been a cornerstone of four consecutive record years for the Buildcorp business with currently over 50% of our projects as a result of ECI engagement and a pipeline of future work never seen in our 25 year history.

  • The Sydney Adventist Hospital and Buildcorp worked together to develop, upgrade and extend over 50% of their campus valued at more than $220M
  • Australia Post engaged Buildcorp to develop the design before agreeing a guaranteed maximum price to deliver the upgrade and refurbishment of their state head office in Strawberry Hills
  • University of Queensland engaged Buildcorp to develop a methodology, scope, design and specification to extend and upgrade two of their teaching spaces
  • Ramsay Health Care engaged Buildcorp to develop the design, gain approvals and deliver a multi-stage extension of St George Private Hospital
  • Urbanest engaged Buildcorp to manage the redesign of their 468 bed student accommodation project following the discovery of a heritage significant structure. The project was so successful we have subsequently been engaged on multiple other projects as an ECI contractor.
  • St Vincent’s & Mater Health recently appointed Buildcorp as the ECI contractor of the $75m+ extension and refurbishment of St Vincent’s Private Hospital on the Darlinghurst Campus.
  • AMP engaged Buildcorp to upgrade and refurbish a commercial building; Elanora Country Club, an extension to their facilities; Australian Catholic University, a roof top extension; St Paul’s College, to develop a new student accommodation space within the University of Sydney Campus and Dexus, an extension and refurbishment to their Gateway Building in Sydney’s centre. In all cases we play a role as part of the design development team, before agreeing a guaranteed maximum price building contract, once the client is sure the design meets their objectives.

In total Buildcorp has been engaged as an ECI partner on projects valued at more than $750m. To find out more about how a different approach can benefit your upcoming project contact for more information.

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