Monash College Learning Village delivered in 14 weeks

Feb 19, 2016 | Films, News, Projects


Feb 19, 2016 | Films, News, Projects

Monash College opened the doors to a brand new Melbourne teaching facility in late 2015, delivered by Buildcorp in a 14 week construction program.

The $14million Monash College Learning Village is located at Monash University’s Clayton Campus and is a 5,000m2 facility designed to accommodate new teaching areas for students completing a Diploma prior to starting 2nd year of their degree at the University. The temporary facility was designed by Jackson Clements Burrow Architects and will be in operation for over five years. It includes 30 classrooms, larger rooms that fit up to 50 and 100 students and areas for open plan learning and consultation.

Buildcorp’s role in the project began early as we drove the design development process from concept to completion, while managing the procurement and construction delivery.

Monash College required the facility to be open for student Orientation Week in early October 2015. In order to achieve the project time frame, modular fabrication was used for both the buildings and steel gantry structures. To meet the project time frames, the building modules were constructed and fitted-out offsite and a mobile crane was used to place them onsite.

In addition to the modular buildings and vibrant yellow steel walkways, the facility was given a village-like environment through the inclusion of external landscaping such as planting, extensive timber decking, bench seating and blue synthetic turf.

Buildcorp Victoria State Manager Jason Wilcox said: “We were delighted to work closely with Monash College on their Learning Village. Our collaborative work early in the project ensured we met the required time frames and created a facility that the whole team can be proud of.

“Over the past 25 years Buildcorp has delivered a range of higher education facilities across Australia’s east coast and we value our working partnerships with Universities and their stakeholders.”

Watch how Monash College Learning Village was made from offsite fabrication and fit-out through to onsite delivery in this short time lapse film: 

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