‘Thinking outside the site’ for St Vincent’s Private Hospital redevelopment

May 30, 2016 | Films, Expertise, News, Projects


May 30, 2016 | Films, Expertise, News, Projects

Buildcorp’s specialist health team has used creative thinking to solve operational and construction process challenges in the redevelopment of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney, which commenced in December 2015.

The St Vincent’s Darlinghurst health campus in Sydney is set to receive a new 13-level East Wing and substantial renovation of the existing private hospital building which will house additional patient rooms, state-of-the-art operating theatres, consulting suites and a new rehabilitation unit.

Buildcorp has been working collaboratively with the St Vincent’s project team in an Early Contractor Involvement process to develop, design and create buildability solutions that will enable the construction to be delivered safely and effectively around the 24/7 hospital campus.

Buildcorp’s expertise in live environment hospital sites ensured the construction poses minimal disruption to hospital operations and local traffic flow. One of the key challenges from the outset was how to move construction materials in and out of the new East Wing site which is tightly bordered on all sides by operational buildings located on one of Sydney’s busiest roads. The answer required the team to think outside the site and mount the crane on the adjoining private hospital building. With some minor strengthening of the lift core, the engineering was confirmed and the tower crane was installed in a meticulously planned operation in January 2016.

During its time in situ, the tower crane will stand 30m above the private hospital building and this location outside the site footprint has enabled a faster final approved construction program, saving four to six weeks at no additional cost. The same crane location can also be used for the second stage of the project, which involves the demolition and replacement of the seven storey façade on the existing private hospital building. Using the same crane will minimise the need for multiple road closures and allows for a safer and more effective construction method to be used to replace the façade when those works commence after the East Wing project is complete.

Another important project challenge is to minimise the noise and vibrations of the digging and construction works to ensure the existing Hospital patients, medical teams and surgeries are not impacted. Buildcorp has installed three separate vibration monitors around the site in key areas that will alert the team when any vibrations reach near threshold. At this point, the demolition works will stop and a revised method will be used to ensure the threshold is not exceeded. To help protect against construction noise even further, Buildcorp has installed acoustic barriers on the surrounding buildings with a product that both reflects and absorbs sound, reducing the impact on hospital users by up to 30db.

This is Buildcorp’s 58th health/clinical building project across the east coast of Australia. The two stage redevelopment will be complete in mid-2018 and will further enhance St Vincent’s Private Hospital’s capability to meet community needs by 20 per cent.

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