1 Int Bn DP1 Storage Works (EWP)

New mezzanine level to existing warehouse brings extra storage capacity for Defence facility within the Gallipoli Barracks

Construction of a mezzanine floor to house personnel storage lockers, including provision of appropriate access, egress, fire protection services and lighting. The major components of work included:

  • Construction of new mezzanine floor including access requirements
  • Modification to existing services to suit
  • Relocation of existing cages on ground floor and provision of new cages on the mezzanine level

To house the additional storage lockers, the new mezzanine floor included:

  • New columns and footings cut into existing concrete slab
  • Steel sub-structure and beams to support flooring and storage cages above
  • Solid flooring on top of sub-structure
  • Dual access stairs – front stairs as the main access point to the mezzanine and rear stairs (intended as an escape path only and not for regular use).
  • Railing and balustrades to comply with AS 1657-2018

The construction of the mezzanine floor (columns and structure) also meant that the existing storage cages on ground floor needed to be relocated and removed.

Heavy coordination with the occupants of the building was required to ensure sensitive rooms and equipment were not disrupted during construction.


Department of Defence



Contract sum



19 weeks


Lump sum