480 Queen Street, Brisbane

Remedial waterproofing and rectification works across a 1,600 m2 suspended floor plate

Located at 480 Queen Street in Brisbane, this Dexus-owned building comprises a mixture of retail, educational and commercial spaces. Neighbouring buildings are a variety of residential, commercial and retail outlets.

Following practical completion of an earlier project in the building, the client engaged Buildcorp for additional remedial works which included:

  • Full removal of existing garden beds on Level 4, including four horizontal gardens, raked gardens and vertical gardens on Adelaide Street & Queen Street
  • Repair of waterproofing membrane
  • Installation of new planter boxes across a 1,600m2 suspended floor plate
  • Level 3 water damage repair works to structural steel and passive fire.

Buildcorp worked in collaboration with the client and consultants to understand the cause of the inherent defects/issues, providing Dexus with a detailed design solution. 

Working in a fully occupied, live environment demanded full attention and consideration of tenant/public safety and amenity at all times. To help promote this, safe access including a well-ordered site and neat and tidy overhead gantries, hoarding and scaffolding remained of paramount importance.


Dexus Funds Management

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