Aon Parramatta

From re-design to on-time handover; a success story in tight programming over Christmas break.

Buildcorp’s 3rd fit-out within 6-8 Parramatta Square required substantial re-design and agile communication to satisfy our client’s short timeframe.

The 1-floor fit-out includes three key areas: a large open plan workspace with workstations, quiet office and meeting rooms and a breakout area – inclusive of honeycomb timber panelled ceiling and AV walls.

Aon’s existing office lease was due to expire, resulting in a non-negotiable handover date set in January. As such, condensed programming was a key challenge across this project.

With only six weeks to deliver over the Christmas period, a vigorous re-design was required across the meeting rooms to meet Aon’s critical objective of total acoustic privacy.

Our team managed all procurement delicately, as just two days delay in decision making could result in waiting weeks for material to arrive on-site.  The Buildcorp team expertly managed a strong communications process with all stakeholders – ensuring expectations were set, solutions workshopped, and nimble decisions could be made swiftly. This agile approach, combined with the team’s existing knowledge of the base building resulted in the successful delivery of Aon’s new Parramatta premises – with occupancy certificate secured meaning Aon staff could move straight in.




Hot Black

Contract sum



6 weeks


January 2023