BVN workplace

ECI helps test robotic construction technology

BVN enlisted Buildcorp to help remodel their Sydney studio in a process that used innovative robotic technology and solutions for construction constraints.

The refurbishment helped the BVN team re-think what the future of the practice may look like and how the environment could push into the future; supporting new ways of working in an era of disruption.

Integrated within the project, BVN undertook a collaboratively applied research project with The University of Sydney (USYD) which explored the application of robotic construction and advanced manufacturing technologies to enable further flexibility in the design process.

The research, entitled ‘Systems Reef’ deployed 3D printing and the on site application of robotically wound carbon fibre to four data booms using one of UYSD’s industrial robotic arms. The boom eliminated the need for conventional power supply to fully flexible workstations and maximised flexibility for any possible office layout. This application represented the first time this technology has been applied in an architectural context in Australia.


BVN Architects


BVN Architects

Contract sum



18 weeks


January 2018