Charlotte Towers Pool and Concourse Remediation Works

Remediation and refresh of the Charlotte Towers Pool and Concourse area

The project initially involved the removal of the existing timber decking, screed and waterproofing from the pool concourse areas, along with rectifying the surface falls to drainage points using epoxy screed. The membrane was replaced with a polyurethane membrane, and a new Versijack system was installed for paving support, followed by the installation of new pavers.

After the commencement of the project, the scope was expanded to include additional works, such as structural rectification to the wall between the pool area and adjacent carpark. Furthermore, the waterline tiles inside the pool were replaced, and the entire pool area was sanded back and painted with a high-spec, mould-resistant paint to enhance its aesthetic appeal.


Charlotte Towers Body Corporate



Contract sum



8 weeks


May 2014