Clayton Utz Reception

A welcoming new reception for Clayton Utz featuring new joinery, feature timber ceiling and operable walls

Buildcorp was commissioned by Clayton Utz to undertake the renovation of their reception area at Riparian Plaza, with the primary objective being to modernise the space. Prior to commencing work on the site, Buildcorp evaluated the design and discovered greater potential for functionality through the use of operable walls. Clayton Utz agreed to the proposed design changes, recognising the benefits of increased flexibility and an improved overall outcome.

The renovation took place in a small area within a fully operational building, with Clayton Utz staff utilising adjacent meeting rooms, and access paths needing to be maintained throughout the process. Buildcorp managed the project by devising a works schedule in consultation with Clayton Utz, which allowed particularly noisy or disruptive work to be carried out during certain hours to minimise disruption to business operations.

Following the completion of the renovation, Clayton Utz expressed their satisfaction with the final product. They have since hosted numerous events, which have received high praise from their clients.


Clayton Utz


Clayton Utz

Contract sum



6 weeks


October 2017