Law Courts, Queen’s Square

No adjournments required to repair exposed aggregate facade

The Law Courts Building in Queen’s Square, Philip Street, required concrete spalling remediation, joint sealant replacement and removal of corroded fixings across all 30 stories of its distinctive precast concrete facade. The scope of works considered a range of solutions including investigation into the current conditions of past remedial work.

Adaptable delivery approach

A flexible methodology was required to enable disruptive façade demolition works to be scheduled around court times to minimise the impact on court operations. The team chose a swing stage methodology and rope access technicians, and the public was protected with a full B-Class hoarding below. This enabled flexibility for works to be rescheduled on an hourly basis to suit court activities without significant impacts to the overall project programme.

Over 1,600L of colour and texture matched concrete repairs were blended in the exposed aggregate finish across 376 repair locations. Over 3,000 holes and corroded fixing details were sealed and repaired.


Law Courts

Contract sum



50 weeks


June 2021