Maddocks Collins Square

Legal office fit-out across Levels 23, 24 & 25 of Collins Square

Maddocks engaged Buildcorp to fit-out their new three levels, 6,250m2 office, designed for collaborative, open-plan working to move away from traditional siloed offices. The workspace provides 350 sit-to-stand desks, two-storey Wintergarden, inter-tenancy staircase and commercial kitchen and café for clients and staff to socialise and work.

The project was supported by a six month pre-construction period where Buildcorp worked with the design team and suppliers to plan and test key features as part of a prototyping exercise. Key elements such as joinery, finishes and banquette seating were workshopped and tested for quality, durability, functionality and maintenance before a full roll-out. Functional prototypes of the workstations were set up in the existing office space to test and integrate IT and services requirements into the product, enabling Maddocks to influence the final custom design and connect their staff with the new way of working.




Bates Smart


23 weeks


August 2016