Melbourne Airport: Terminal 4 Staff Accommodation

Modern workplace fit-out delivered above operational airport

Located above the departure hall of Melbourne Airport Terminal 4, the fit-out of Australian Pacific Airports Melbourne’s (APAM) new workplace required a range of live environment solutions to navigate the environment’s complexities. The functional, modern workplace houses APAMs growing workforce including Executive Leaders and the CEO, and required space for formal and informal gatherings while complementing the airport’s functionality and appearance. Key features included a spectacular boardroom overlooking Terminal 4 and circular skylights illuminating reception areas.

The fit-out includes two boardrooms, a spacious staff kitchen and a break room next to flexible training facilities. Break-out spaces are trimmed with greenery and barrisol lighting to bring the outdoors inside and promote a healthy workplace.

Managing a high stakes live environment to protect flight schedule

Delivering a project in an operational airport is a unique challenge that required extensive planning and stakeholder management well in advance of construction activities. During construction, approximately 12 airport stakeholders were involved in periodic approvals of the works. Close coordination with the APAM security and facilities team was required to ensure all airport safety protocols were maintained and adhered to, with all contractors requiring airport approved clearances (ASIC passes).

The project team managed numerous logistical challenges, including the installation of services above critical airport equipment at the security check-in and the navigation of building service shutdowns to avoid impacting airport operations. Initially, the project’s materials could only be transported via the public lift. To avoid disrupting the public, the team erected a hoist adjacent to the site through a temporary opening in the building envelope. The hoist had direct access to the mezzanine, saving time for materials handling and minimising the impact on travellers.


Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne (APAM)


Foolscap Studio

Contract sum



20 weeks


March 2019