Nevada Apartments, Darling Point

Complex remedial solutions strengthen and revitalise historic development

Buildcorp’s Asset Solutions team were engaged by the apartment owners of Nevada Apartments to repair, restore and revitalise their historic 1940s development.

Buildcorp had previously delivered an upgrade to the development’s fire solution, to ensure its compliance. The main works for the next stage of the project required complex solutions to fix, strengthen and modernise the windows, balconies, and parts of the façade.

The significant repair and restoration program was delivered while residents were still in the building, therefore the team’s live environment management used methodologies, materials and engagement strategies to minimise impact.

Solutions and scope

The team developed responsive solutions as they progressed their investigations into the building’s conditions, these included:

  • Windows: 253 of the original steel window frames were remediated in situ. Our solution removed the hazardous lead paint safely using a secure dust proof cover that fully sealed all units off from the works. Existing glass was replaced with new Low-e glazing to control temperature and lighting.
  • Balconies: 58 balconies were structurally strengthened and reinstated, replacing the brick balustrade with a new aluminium and glass option.
  • Façade: The façade required render repair and painting, completing the refresh of the building’s aesthetic.

The finished product is a compliant, safe and structurally sound building with improved liveability and a modernisation that honours its architectural and social heritage.

WINNER: Master Builders Association (NSW) ‘Excellence in Housing’ Award for ‘Home Unit Renovation – External’.


Nevada Pty Ltd & Superintendent Izzat Consulting Engineers

Contract sum



18 months


November 2019