Norwest Private Hospital Expansion

The expansion, in form of a new ‘wing’, is constructed adjacent to the existing hospital building over the existing ground floor open car park. The project also includes internal alterations to Ground Floor, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 with the substantial integration of the existing and new on Level 1

  • The New Wing works include a minor alteration to the basement and Ground Floor as well as four new levels connected to the existing building
  • The Refurbishment works include new Kitchen, Maintenance stores, Linen holding and Medical Records, new Pre-admissions, Perioperative bed bays, Cath Lab, ICU expansion and a new Mechanical plant. Being a major surgical and medical facility, the expansion will add five new fully equipped theatres with both double and triple pendant theatres, along with multiple other specialised medical spaces to accommodate the new theatres.




Health Project International

Contract sum



February 2017