Rio Tinto

Coal silos 1 & 2 - Mount Thorley, Warkworth

The post tension cables on Rio Tinto’s clean coal silos at Mount Thorley, Warkworth had reached the end of their useful life and were beginning to fail. Buildcorp’s Asset Solutions team were engaged by Rio Tinto to replace these with ASF M-Brace carbon fibre laminate strips and fabrics.

The works were carried out using mast-climbers specially designed to access the entire face of the silo. Swing stages were used to access the inside faces of the silos. These works were staged to avoid undue stress on the silos.

The project team also carried out remediation of concrete spalling and crack repairs using hydro demolition. This demolition technique allowed for a more time and cost efficient method of demolition for a structure of this size.

Work health and safety is paramount to Buildcorp on all of its projects. The project team adopted a collaborative approach with Rio Tinto to ensure our safety systems reflected Rio Tinto’s site and safety policies and procedures.


Rio Tinto

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April 2008