Scape Darling House (formerly Urbanest Darling Square 1)

80 weeks, over 300,000 man hours, zero serious LTIs

Scape Darling House (formerly Urbanest Darling Square 1) is a 20 storey tower consisting of 635 student accommodation beds, shared communal facilities and associated Urbanest management support facilities. DS1 is the first of two Urbanest towers delivered by Buildcorp as part of the Darling Harbour Live redevelopment and was designed in accordance with 4 Star Green Star principles.

Multiple stakeholders on a constrained site
Surrounded by the light rail corridor to one side and the bustling Darling Harbour Live precinct to another, the project required strict adherence to detailed methodologies and requirements of statutory authorities, the light rail authority and the local community, adding a layer of logistical complexities to the already constrained site.

Zero Serious LTIs
Safety was the number one priority for the team on site. Thanks to their diligence following Buildcorp’s industry leading safety system, the project recorded nil serious LTIs over the 80 weeks spent on site and over 300,000 man hours.


Urbanest Student Accommodation


Allen Jack & Cottier Architects

Contract sum



88 weeks


December 2016