Geoff Henke Olympic Winter Training Centre

Buildcorp QLD reaches new heights with structural solutions for world-first Olympic facility

Buildcorp partnered with a range of sporting, government, design and supplier organisations to deliver the International Water Jump Ramp at the Brisbane Olympic Winter Training Centre within the Sleeman Sports Complex.

The Australian Government invested in the water ramp facility for elite aerials and moguls skiers, which is also the first year-round outdoor aerial training venue in the world. The project involved a partnership with the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia, Australian Olympic Committee and Queensland Government.

Buildcorp rose to the structural and logistical challenges after an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) arrangement followed by a Design and Construct contract. The early design time enabled the team to visit benchmark facilities overseas and work collaboratively with partners to develop strategies for methodology, program, procurement, and testing.

The seven-ramp 220t steel structure reaches 35m at its highest point and the longest jump is 60m. The jump surface is fitted with specialised wearing surfaces procured from the UK and Germany to replicate on-snow conditions.
A proud achievement in structural design, Buildcorp handed the project over to the Client defect-free.

Custom design, planning & impact testing to find the best way

While designing and testing for safety and elite international specification, the team also ensured materials choices were resistant to the effects of UV, water and heavy use. Key solutions included:

  • Ramp substrate is a custom folded engineered metal profile to provide a corrosion resistant protective surface that withstands wind loadings and any expansion and contraction created in the Queensland climate.
  • Bespoke balustrading designed and impact-tested to ensure durability against wind loads and safety when coming into contact from athletes.
  • Australian-first water resistant elevator with a grated flooring, water storage unit and drainage system.
  • Complex design solution for the pool landing zone to create an aeration grid system which used compressed air to soften the landing for athletes. Buildcorp completed testing and validation for this solution using temporary pipework installed by divers. Once the bubble height was approved by the Olympic Committee, our hydraulic engineer designed a full plant and control system.


Olympic Winter Institute Australia


Gardner Wetherill & Associates

Contract sum



62 weeks


June 2020