Spice Temple

Fit-out and Refurbishment

Spice Temple was completed as part of the heritage refurbishment of Rock Pool Bar and Grill. Hidden behind an LCD door below street level, a basement has been converted into a dark night club styled dining venue where the 2 hat awarded food is hot and the atmosphere even hotter. Once downstairs, guests are greeted at a contemporary bar area before entering the main dining room, the private dining room for 12 or semi private room that caters for up to 50 guests. The restaurant is serviced by an interconnecting kitchen linking the preparation spaces on both the ground and level 1 of Rockpool Bar and Grill. The conversion involved working within extremely tight and defined spaces to install a state of the art lighting and mechanical system to bring the mood to life.


G2G Australia


Bates Smart

Contract sum



16 weeks


January 2009