Asset Solutions Team: Our Expertise


Whether it’s remediating for safety and compliance or upgrading to future-proof your building, we’ve offer solutions for residential, commercial and institutionally owned assets.

We investigate and explore all options upfront so you can make informed choices about the solutions that are going to add the most value, without the risk of cost blow-outs and upheaval. Our live environment specialists minimise the impact on residents.

  • Repairing or troubleshooting faulty construction
  • Building upgrades & refurbishments
  • Fire systems upgrades, fire separation, fire testing
  • Waterpoofing upgrades and repairs
  • Facade remediation
  • Glazing repairs & replacement
  • Structural alterations or reinforcement
  • Balcony, balustrade & window additions or repairs
  • Concrete and brickwork repairs
  • Corrosion control
  • Historic preservation


Unlock your asset value

Challenges from ageing or failing buildings can be turned into an opportunity with the right project partners and support for the journey.

A Buildcorp UPLIFT project not only looks at essential works to protect your asset and address non-compliance, it goes a step further to explore options to transform the building and increase the value of your property.

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Our façade services for residential, commercial and institutionally owned assets range from early investigation and recommendations to cost planning, design and delivery. We appreciate that ‘how’ we replace or remedy a façade is just as important as the materials we are using. We work with your stakeholders to develop the best program and methodology to minimise impact, time and cost.

  • Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) replacement
  • Facade repairs and refurbishment
  • Waterproofing
  • Structural strengthening and repairs
  • Concrete repairs and protection
  • Coating systems
  • Glass and glazing repairs, replacement and interface management


Our commercial remedial solutions are designed to protect the longevity of your asset, and the continuity of your tenants’ operations. We develop innovative and responsive construction methodologies and live environment solutions that consider your project’s unique needs in terms of access, budget, stakeholders and compliance. Our experience includes:

  • Façade & ACP replacement (see above)
  • Commercial office towers
  • Hotels and accommodation towers
  • Local council and community facilities
  • University campuses
  • Public areas and parklands
  • Sporting and entertainment precincts
  • Heritage buildings
  • Carparks


We offer partnership working from early in the project to develop risk-reduced construction strategies, ensuring projects are delivered on time and to budget. Our experience includes:

  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Rail systems
  • Bridges and Roads