Buildcorp now available in timber

Buildcorp’s structural timber solutions combine world leading forestry and manufacturing, innovative engineering with the culture and collaborative approach we’re known for.

We are sharing our structural timber expertise and knowledge with like-minded partners.

It’s our experience that separates us from the rest

Buildcorp has been working with structural timber since 2018 and with our partners we have:

Assessed 10+ sites for their
structural timber viability
Created 8 optimised structural timber building designs
Priced 20+ structural timber options
Developed 6 compliant solutions
Completed a full-scale fire test
Toured 6 international and local factories
Managed over 200 timber
Been awarded 5 projects valued
at over $150m, and growing

Buildcorp in timber success stories

Ainsworth Building Macquarie University

The Bond, Norwest

UQ Physiol Refectory Building

Barker College

Timber feasibility assessments now available

Our expertise has been built over the past 32 years combing our knowledge in BIM, design finalisation, prefabrication, cost planning, logistics and compliance.

To date our lessons learnt can be summarised in one key finding: A structural timber project needs to be designed that way with multiple factors considered to make it viable.

Our team can review your upcoming project from all aspects to provide you with a comprehensive timber feasibility assessment service to explore the benefits of structural timber on your project. This includes undertaking:

  • Site review assessing the viability of your proposed site for structural timber construction
  • Design review highlighting lessons learnt and areas for potential optimisation
  • Compliance review assessing risks and outlining a path to approval
  • Logistics review assessing supplier and transportation options
  • Materials handling, site establishment review providing accurate estimating on the preliminaries costs associated with delivering a structural timber projects
  • Cost plan incorporating market feedback and current rates for confidence in your budgets.