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Social Responsibility

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We value SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Buildcorp has never shied away from its responsibility to be more than just a business, whether it’s through our charitable events, workplace giving schemes or donating our time and hard work to causes we’re passionate about.

In 2012 we asked ourselves ‘how can we do the same fundraising activities but have a greater community impact? How can we create a situation where 1 + 1 could equal 3? The answer came in the establishment of a charitable entity, culminating in the creation of the Buildcorp Foundation.

The Buildcorp Foundation is a vehicle through which we harness the collective giving power of our staff, business partners, friends and families, through their time, talent, dollars or influence to make an impact in the community. The mission of the Buildcorp Foundation is to maximise the impact of our collective giving to causes and organisations close to the hearts of our people at Buildcorp.

More officially speaking, the Buildcorp Foundation is a Public Ancillary Fund governed by an independent board of directors, with full DGR status. Since 2012 we have raised $2.5million and distributed $1.2million to support the spectrum of mental health support. 
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