A culture of quality

Underpinning ‘The Buildcorp Way’ for quality management is a simple mission: ‘We do the right thing today, to handover defect-free tomorrow.’

When it comes to producing quality outcomes, we make every day count. Our globally recognised quality system sets out a clear process of stakeholder collaboration, supported by tools, to help our project teams define, manage and deliver to the highest quality. It is our daily commitment to ‘do the right thing’ by following this system to make it easier to handover defect-free and provide our clients with a positive experience.


Quality Management Framework (QMF)
The Buildcorp QMF is a comprehensive framework that brings together all project stakeholders to define project goals and a plan for achieving them. They will also collectively identify potential quality risks and assign proven processes to control them. The framework is continuously improved by documenting and assessing data and feedback from clients and stakeholders.


Onsite app
Onsite is Buildcorp’s internally developed mobile software designed to help our teams put quality into action. Onsite makes it easy to practically apply process quality controls, allowing our teams and stakeholders to capture and manage rework and defects. A single quality control system for all stakeholders enables transparent and rapid collaboration, connecting the critical roles that each person plays in delivering better quality


Data trends
To make sure no mistake is made twice, from day one, each project’s quality performance data is used to benchmark and identify trending issues. The data insights highlight measurable, repeatable elements to help our projects to progress more effectively.


Defect-free consistently
Quality management at Buildcorp doesn’t exist in isolation. The data and insights we capture along the way is fed back into our overarching system to help our teams continually improve and make informed decisions on procurement, programming and rework/defect management. This process has improved client and team satisfaction and provided a wealth of shared knowledge that help our teams deliver defect-free more consistently.