Everyone on every site goes home safe, every day

To achieve this mission, our industry leading safety system utilises data, insights and proactive initiatives to protect our teams and ‘The Buildcorp Way’. Proudly, our safety system has received a number of awards recognising its effectiveness, innovation and risk management.

Above all, it’s also down to our culture and our efforts to connect to the ‘why’ of our site teams to make the importance of safety resonate every day.

Our HSE management system meets all legislative and regulatory requirements and complies with all national and industry codes of practice. We also deliver every project with our safety management system that is Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC) certified and ISO 45001 accredited.

Proactive safety system

Buildcorp’s safety approach goes beyond the standard industry measurements to put safety management into action.

Buildcorp’s Proactive Safety System received the industry’s highest honours in winning the 2021 Master Builders Australia (MBA) National Award for Excellence in Workplace Health and Safety Award – Commercial.


The safety system is built from a foundation of continual improvement and is best explained in the four equally essential parts below.

WHAT – Traditional measures: LTIFR, MTIFR
Weekly internal data and monthly external data measures and monitors safety incidents. Our safety data dashboards then helps to identify trends so we can develop system improvements to implement change.
Where – Identify risks and mitigate
On each project we workshop potential risks and mitigation plans before we start on site. Prior to this even, our teams are already planning risk mitigation strategies at the very start of each project tender.
Why – Safety ‘Why’ campaign
Our safety induction ‘Why? film’ & ‘Why? Walls connects with emotion to encourage positive action on site by asking each worker why it’s important they go home safe.
How – Proactive Safety System
Beyond LTIFR, Buildcorp uses lead indicators to measure our teams on their proactive application of safety system. To remain ‘proactive’ on our Proactive Safety Index, our teams are audited on a proven list of proactive safety management areas and develop new initiatives to continually improve our system. Some of these initiatives are award winning and have been implemented across all sites and the wider industry.