Supporting the
visibility of women’s
rugby in 2021


Buildcorp’s 30 year history with grassroots rugby has in recent years included focused investment in equal opportunity for women’s rugby. While the Women’s Rugby XVs format has made gains through the Buildcorp Super W (now in its fourth year) and more international test matches for the Buildcorp Wallaroos, the pandemic has deeply impacted the 20/21 seasons.

However, this has not deterred players from their preparations, and their dedication to staying ‘match fit’ is a constant on and off the field. This means the teams are prepared for the 2021 Buildcorp Super W and Test season and will step-up to new opportunities to lead, perform, inspire as they are seen and heard by broader audiences and the next generation. 

Like rugby, construction is also a realm where much of our work is unseen. Preparation is thecommon ground between high performing teams in both areas. It’s thanks to the ‘behind the scenes’ work that the final outcome is a gutsy and polished performance our communities can be
proud of.

This year Buildcorp’s sponsorship of women’s rugby is celebrating the impact of preparation, which has led to increased visibility and talent pipeline growth in the women’s game.

We prepare
to be seen
Visibility in women’s sport creates household names, elevates inclusivity, and demonstrates to others what’s possible. With the 2022 Rugby World Cup on the horizon, and Tests against Samoa and New Zealand in 2021, there will be plenty of opportunities for the teams to continue to blaze their trail.

Viewership of the Buildcorp Super W increased by 36% in 2020

100% matches available on
Stan Sport in 2021

Super W schedule Buildcorp Wallaroos schedule
Trails are blazed to create a new path for the next generation and the ongoing growth in women’s and girl’s rugby at every level is something every player past and present should be proud of

Female rugby players now 27% of rugby players in Australia

Three years of double digit growth of female rugby players

Young girls made up 45% of ‘Get Into Rugby’ participants in 2020 (the balanced pipeline is coming through!)

We prepare
to inspire
We prepare
to perform
All performance outcomes are tied to preparation. In construction, our solutions are developed well before we get to site, as part of our cycle of continual improvement. This ensures out teams can hit the ground running and handover defect-free.

In rugby preparation spans fitness, skills, team work and leadership. Once the team take to the field performance looks like effortless moves, seamless plays and executing the previously impossible.

Ed exeritam ipient, quis cusam venditem expliqui quia doluptae lab inctur

Et excepelicto cum am experat

Leadership is one of the strongest transferrable skills from sport to business and community. Not only do players experience new leadership opportunities along their rugby pathway, there is also a dedicated Leadership Team in each club and squad to further elevate the skills of these future business leaders of tomorrow.

XXX new Buildcorp Super W athletes

XX newly capped players to play for their nation

We prepare
to lead
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