Link Group Parramatta

A fit-out delivered in tandem with the base build construction at 6-8 Parramatta Square

Buildcorp worked closely with the client from the outset of the project, starting in the ECI phase where Buildcorp collaborated with Link to achieve the design vision within their parameters. This was Buildcorp’s second project with the client, enabling a smooth working relationship from the start which then continued to strengthen through the job.

When Buildcorp took access the building façade and internal stairs were still under construction, which required the team to work closely with the base build team to create a plan which would enable both groups to deliver, whilst not compromising on safety. The plan involved regular and open communication, the management of exclusion zones, and strict safety requirements. Buildcorp’s team was of utmost importance to making the arrangement work, including bringing on team members to manage the unique aspects of the working relationship, such as a dedicated dock logistics manager.

The unique elements of the fit-out included the main communications room which had an early handover 6 weeks prior to the project completion, archiving and mail receiving spaces, training spaces, and a client floor.

Large central breakout stations were a core element of the design, where the standout feature was the Europanel ceilings which formed part of an extensive joinery package. Achieving the tight programme was essential due to the client’s lease ending. Buildcorp was able to meet the client’s requirements despite a complete shutdown in Parramatta during the height of the COVID pandemic.


Link Group


Group GSA

Contract sum



20 weeks


October 2021